Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall is creeping up...are you ready?

As August nears an end, many are scrambling to get back to a routine of schoolwork, transporting kids to and from school, athletic events, and executives may be loading up on overtime to prepare for holidays. Co-E1 is dedicated to making these transitions easy and healthy. The 10mg and 20mg line of Co-E1 products are designed to boost one's immune system and increase energy production significantly. The great news is that these effects are fast-acting and have lifelong benefits if taken properly.
Instead of your morning cup of coffee, supplement with Co-E1 NATURAL energy products. You'll get a amazing energy boost, mental clarity, stamina, and increased oxygen capacity. The secret to this is pure NADH! It's made in our bodies and is now available in tablet form to supplement with.
What are you waiting for?! Head over to the website to learn more and while you're at it use discount code AUG15 for 15%OFF! It'll be the best purchase you've made all summer and help ease you into FALL!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Co-E1 is the Power of Nature's Potential

“I want to help people improve their quality of life by using Nature’s potential
-Troy Sheffield (CEO and Founder of Co-E1)

Co-E1′s business mission is to market safe, reliable, effective products, which will improve the quality of life for all people. Co-E1  represents a quantum leap forward in our continued quest to develop the highest quality nutritional supplement products.

We recognize the need of proving our products are both safe and effective through sound, quantifiable, scientific principles and clinical research studies…not marketing hype. We have invested millions of dollars in research to achieve Investigative New Drug (IND) status for NADH, enabling us to conduct clinical trials. These clinical studies follow strict Pharmaceutical and Drug testing methodology consisting of double blind crossover, placebo controlled human studies. These studies have been conducted at prestigious medical institutions such as Georgetown University Medical Center.

Co-E1 is an amazing product, available in 3 types: Vitality, Performance and Mojo. For more information, visit the website at and order online.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Are you guilty of this?

Energy drinks are quite popular among young high school and college students, as well as working professionals, busy parents, and athletes looking for that extra edge. But are they really all that great? Why do so many flock to these sugary and often foul tasting concoctions? Well because they do exactly as promised, give you a BOOST of energy! But is it worth it?

The answer is no! Drinks like Monster, Redbull, and 5 hour energy are a huge hype on the market today but check out this article where consumers weigh the pros and cons. One common complaint is that is tastes awful and leaves them with the jitters.

So lets say you drink one of these monstrosities to stay awake and cram for your exam scheduled first thing in the morning. You chug it down, get the boost you need, study, and then pray that you get a few hours of sleep before the exam. Well often many cannot shake that "high" from the drink and they are left with a mind that is wide awake and a body that is extremely tired. Accompanied with the jitters, it's almost impossible to sleep. So you take that exam the next day and how'd you do? How do you feel physically?
My experience with this (I have been know to procrastinate in college) is that I did horrible on the exam because I couldn't focus nor could I concentrate and I would skip the next class so I could finally get some sleep!! Was it worth it?! NO!!! What did I learn?

1. Dont procrastinate!! It's never a good idea! Cramming for a big exam may work for some but often leads to disastrous after effects.

2. Toss all those energy drinks in the trash and get yorself on a healthy schedule! Supplementing your diet with Co-E1 Natural Vitamin Supplements will not only give you a boost of energy but will keep your energy and focus optimized and have your body running at a balanced and natural level. Trust in your body and trust in nature.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can't Concentrate? Try this NATURAL remedy!

Co-E1 Natural Energy Supplements boosts concentration! The number of students afflicted by a decline and impairment of their attention has risen dramatically increased in the last decade. The ability to focus on a certain subject for a longer period of time in class has vanished, to the distress of many teachers. This impairment is sometimes diagnosed as attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is related to adrenaline and dopamine pools in the brain-if levels of these hormones are exhausted, reduced attention is the consequence.
What may be the cause of this disorder? Many researchers conclude that a deficiency in adrenaline, dopamine, and acetylcholine is triggering this impairment, as these neurotransmitters are essential components for cognitive performance. Such performances that are hindered include vigilance, fast thinking, and short reaction times. A deficit may be because either too little of a substance is produced or too much is consumed. With ADHD, both reasons may play a role. If an energy deficiency is present in the brain, the neurotransmitters are not synthesized in sufficient amounts.
Science tells us that the body needs NADH and oxygen for the production of ATP energy. Even if the brain has sufficient amounts of NADH available, an oxygen deficiency could lead to a lack of energy. Hence, a sufficient supply of oxygen for the cells (especially the cells in the brain) is an essential prerequisite for adequate energy production. Oxygen is supplied by the blood, driven by circulation. A reduced blood flow in the brain leads to a lack of oxygen in the nerve cells. This seems to be the case of those exhibiting symptoms of ADHD.
Using SPECT (Single Positron Emission Computed Tomography) a reduced blood flow had been demonstrated in students with ADHD. This shortage of blood flow can be overcome by supplementing with Co-E1 supplements (NADH). Since the development of NADH. many students have taken Co-E1 supplements and have shown dramatic improvement. SPECT scans show normal blood flow in the brain after the application of NADH.
As students prepare to return back to school, Co-E1 is offering a BACK TO SCHOOL discount of 15% off with code AUG15 at

Monday, August 13, 2012

Co-E1 enhances the immune system.

Co-E1 NADH is directly involved in the cellular immune defense system, Special white blood cells, called macrophages, are responsible for direct elimination of foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses and molds. They literally capture these foreign bodies and then degrade and eliminate them. During this process, a markedly increased metabolic activity including oxygen consumption takes place. Most of the oxygen is converted to super oxide and hydrogen, which are able to destroy viruses or bacteria. This phenomenon  is known as "metabolic burst" and appears to be the first and most foreign invader. Large amounts of NADH are required for this process. Hence, the more Co-E1 NADH your body has available, the more protection your immune system can provide.
So stock up on Co-E1 before school starts and winter kicks in. Fight on germs and nasty colds with natural vitamin supplements!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A sweet thank you from a Co-E1 customer!

"Let me tell you how I came to learn about Co-E1 and the wonderful product that it is....  It was some years back and I had never heard of Co-E1 before.  One day I was talking by phone with Alice, the mother of my good high school friend.  I had kept in touch with Alice and her husband Walter as they were quite exceptional folks.  After they retired from Evanston Illinois, they decided to take up sheep farming in Minnesota -- even though they were both in their 70's.  Undaunted by the hard work involved in raising and tending a herd of two hundred head of sheep, the most challenging time for them proved to be mid-winter when their sheep would give birth to the tender young baby lambs. 
Because of the bitter Minnesota winter freezes, Alice and Walter took turns with all night watches to ensure that the baby sheep did not die during their most fragile first few days of life.  During one such week of long night vigils tending the little sleep, Alice and I spoke over the phone and I asked her: "Alice, how can you manage to do this hard work, at your age?"  Without hesitation, she answered:  "It's very simple. It's our Co-E1!  Walter and I take it every day -- if I don't give it to him first thing in the morning, he just can't keep up with me!"   After that, I searched out this remarkable Co-E1 and began having my own impressive results.
In fact, about five years later, I was involved in building a sizeable deck with two much younger men.  Somewhat belatedly, we realized we had overlooked an important structural support -- and would have to lift up the entire new plywood surface which weighed over 1,200 pounds. It took a bit of convincing to persuade them that the three of us could lift up this quite heavy deck surface. 
Meanwhile, I searched in my pocket, dug out a Co-E1 and quickly dissolved it under my tongue.  I waited about ten minutes to give my body a chance to get ready.  Then I said "Okay.  Let's lift this thing up! " And with the count of one, two, three --  to their amazement, l was able to lift up my half of the deck and we were able to get a critical adjustment done.  I know I could not have lifted such a heavy weight without the Co-E1."

-Robert Velasquez from Minnesota

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Listen to Co-E1 on the radio!

Now you can tune in to Co-E1 blogtalk radio. Listen to our team discuss the safe and natural way to increase your focus, enhance your performance, and boost energy! Use this opportunity to call in to to the show and ask those important questions and/or give your testimonies! 
Click here to catch the show on blogtalk radio! We are also on iTunes!

Monday, August 6, 2012

NADH is a potent antioxidant and more important that you may know!

An antioxidant is a compound that acts against oxidation. If iron get oxidized, iron dioxide is formed, which most people know as rust. Oxidation is a phenomenon we see in many areas of our life. Fats such as butter get rancid and so do foods. It is nothing but oxidation. It's nothing but oxidation. This same process happens to tissues in the body . While we need the oxygen from the air to survive, oxygen also is responsible for making stuff rusty or rancid.

The opposite of oxidation is reduction-a chemical compound having a strong reducing power acts as a potent antioxidant NADH has the highest reduction potential of all biological molecules of a cell. Therefore, it's one of the potent biological antioxidants. Other well-known antioxidants are vitamins A, C, and E, as well as selenium and glutathione.

The strongest enemy of antioxidants are free radicals. These are extremely reactive molecules that attack almost all components of the cells in our body. They alter the lipid structure of the cell membrane, making it leaky. As a consequence, the cell dies. Free radicals also attack the DNA and proteins, damaging enzymes involved in metabolic reactions. Important cellular functions become impaired as a consequence. Free radicals are regarded as one of the causes of coronary heart disease, cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Free radicals can arise from x-rays. UV light, ozone, pollution, toxic metals, alcohol, and cytostatic or antibiotic drugs.

The human body has developed a defense system capable of destroying these aggressive "cell destructors." This antioxidative defense shield is able to neutralize a certain amount of free radicals. If our body is exposed to too high amounts of free radicals. If our body is exposed to too high amounts of free radicals, this protective barrier is over strained resulting in damage to tissues and organs. Therefore, it is necessary to supply the body with sufficient amounts of antioxidants to strengthen the defense shield against free radicals.

Co-E1 Natural Energy Products (NADH) regenerates the antioxidative capacity of other components in the cell. This function is particularly important for coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This coenzyme plays an important role for the energy production in the cell. However, CoQ10 needs Co-E1 Natural Energy Products (NADH) to be transformed into its active, reduced form. If CoQ10 is not present in it's reduced form, it does not act in either energy production or as an antioxidant. Without NADH, CoQ10 cannot work, whereas NADH DOES produce energy in the cells even without CoQ10.

People taking cholesterol lowering medications should be aware that these drugs not only suppress the production of cholesterol but also CoQ10. A deficit of CoQ10 can cause cell death and destruction of tissue. If a physician recommends that you take cholesterol lowering drugs, it important that you always take CoQ10 and Co-E1Energy Products to activate the CoQ10!